Where Did It Go Now?

Where Did It Go Now?

Monday — September 27th, 2010

I seem to be doing well at keeping the site updated, shame about my lack of events this year, I’ve totally failed at booking for the MCM Expo in Oct. So if anyone has a table they’re willing to share, drop me an email. I’ll repay you in love and cookies, mostly cookies.


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MCM Expo roundup


A few weeks ago I attended the twice annual MCM Expo. As usual it was a fun event. Even if I was struck down by a cold and was off work for 3 days afterwards.

Here’s a quick look at my table, I also had some re-prints of my A-Z Ninja zoo which went down well.

As with every expo I draw and hand out cosplay bingo cards. Here’s a few I made:

I clearly fail at my own bingo card.

I also came across some great cosplayers.

I met this girl who painted her face, it was only after I discovered she’s decorating herself every day of the year as part of a project.

My favourite being Darlek-dress girl. I didn’t get a picture of her so I drew a picture instead. Alas I’ve no idea who she is, so if you know her, let her know as she can claim the drawing.

Lastly, I’m attending the Leeds Thought Bubble convention this Saturday and will have a brand new, full colour Ninja Bunny comic.

Ninja Bunny turns 5


It’s been 5 years to the day since I first drew Ninja Bunny and a lot has changed in that time, mostly my art style has improved and the webcomic has gone from one off ‘funnies’ to a full length story. But I’ve also attended conventions and made many a good friend because of it.

Ninja Bunny’s 5th birthday

I’d like to make a quick thank you to everyone who’s read the comic over the years (despite my lack of updates of late), said hello to me at conventions, bought the comic or sent me words of encouragement as it really means a lot to me.

As of today/tomorrow, the webcomic will be being updated once more on a regular basis, every Monday, once the latest comic is coloured I’ll post it up very shortly.

Here’s some amazing Fan art I’ve been sent:

By Shouri

By Stuart Linfield

By Tula Lotay, one of ‘the talent’ behind the Thought Bubble Convention, actually she drew this for me at the MCM Expo earlier this year but I just got around to scanning it in.

Here’s a few sketches of other characters I’ve done recently and thought I’d share them with you.

Maru leaps

The Black Wizard

The last piece of news is that I’ll have a new Ninja Bunny comic coming out soon, printed in lovely full colour it will be 40 pages long and be a slightly larger size than the previous mini’s, aka printed at the scale they’re drawn. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover:

5 Days till Ninja Bunny turns 5.


On the 5th of Sept Ninja Bunny turns 5. To help celebrate this milestone I’d love to post any fan art or guest strips sent my way. Just email them to phil(at)ninja-bunny.com.

It also seems a fitting time to don my art-hat and restart the comic up again (as I’ve been pretty lax this last year), while I haven’t updated it in a while I’ve actually been drawing most of the next story so hopefully I can keep the comic updated once a week.

I’m a web designer don’t you know


My day job, if you didn’t realise, isn’t a well paid and famous comic artist, instead I’m a web/graphics designer. For the last two years I’ve been freelancing, so I’ve had a steady supply of free time to draw Ninja Bunny, this isn’t the case now as I’ve been working full-time for a design agency for 4 months now, this is one of the reasons why Ninja Bunny hasn’t been updated for a while. I’m slowely getting back into the swing of working and drawing now though. Good times!

If you fancy checking out my portfolio just head over to http://www.philipspence.com, have fun clicking around!

T-shirt designs


Last year I was commissioned to do a t-shirt design for Bunny Brawl, a school event in America.
Check out the final design with front/back. Click for a larger image.

Ninja Bunny T-shirt design, front & back.

Here’s 2 more designs I did a while back. Ninja Bunny and Robo-Ninja Bunnies ‘power up’ tee. Like either? Leave a comment as I just might get some limited editions printed.

Ninja Bunny t-shirt designs

Don’t forget, I’m selling a ‘colour me in’ Ninja Bunnies t-shirt over at the store, which comes complete with fabric crayons.

Fan Art


I was sent these photos of Ninja Bunny by Charlie, who I believe is only 8. He sent these photos in and I have to say, they’re just amazing. They’re like little flat versions of my convention exclusive models. Now, a yellow Ninja, that’s an idea!!

Have you got some fan art? Send it in and I’ll post it up.

It’s been a while


As you’ve already noticed, Ninja Bunny has been on a hiatus for a while. There’s a number of reasons why, ranging from personal, being busy with a real job and general apathy towards drawing. Mostly though I think it’s been just not updating this site or blog telling everyone what I’ve been up to. So to rectify this mistake I’ll be updating the blog with a backlog of things that I’ve done (Don’t worry, updates to the comic are coming too).

Solipsistic Pop v.1

This is an old one, Sol’pop is a fantastic anthology filled with some of the best UK talent, it’s already on volume 2 and well on it’s way to no.3. I contributed a 7 page story titled Ninja Bunny and the Broken World. Breaking with the usual square format and instead being printed in A4 on newspaper. You might spot Ninja bunny’s old nemesis. The story where Maru lost his eye is recounted here. Here’s page 1 & 2 below.

Ninja Bunny and the Broken World, page 1Ninja Bunny and the Broken World, page 2
Click for a large version.

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the story you can get a copy from the Solipsistic Pop Store.

p.s Come back tomorrow for another belated post about the many goings-on of Ninja Bunny.

A fictional tale review


Although my mini-comic A Fiction Tale has been around for a good few years, It’s just been reviewed on 365 Zines. If you’re interested in buying it, take a look in the shop.

Cold Souls review for Electric Sheep magazine


Here’s a piece I’ve done for Electric Sheep magazine. A comic review of the movie Cold Souls. Bit of a nice change from drawing bunnies and my usual comic book style. Click the image for a larger version on have a look at the original review on Electric Sheep.

Follow me on Tumblr


I’ve now got a Tumblr blog for all my photography: http://webleedcolour.tumblr.com/ Follow me and tell your friends, or whatever it is you’re meant to do on Tumblr. Leave a comment here with your tumblr addy and I’ll follow you too.

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