Not Only Was He Angry, He Was Carrying A Big Stick

Not Only Was He Angry, He Was Carrying A Big Stick

November 18th, 2008

These new strips are starting to get stupidly overly-detailed. So i’m either going to have to reign it in a little or display them in a bigger format. I had some positive feedback from Fleen on the new style which is good to hear and I definitely want to keep it up.

Today and this week I’m overhauling the Ninja Bunny Myspace page, so if you’re on there then add away. If you’re a new reader and have come from Myspace then welcome and enjoy your stay.

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    Sarah Gordon

    The detail is dead gorgeous, I have to say. Simple character, beautiful background. It makes me smile lots.

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    Thanks! all these extra hours of effort is really paying off, it puts my old work to shame.

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    I haven’t been here in a LONG time, and it looks like a lot has changed. Love the new site, and the colour strips are really nice too.

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    Mike Rouse-Deane

    I love the new style website and the new look. Keep it up!!!

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