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Gocco printed postcards | Ninja Bunny

Gocco printed postcards


While I was in Japan I picked up a Gocco screen printer which allows you to screen print on to postcards. I wont go into much detail about the Gocco, plenty of information is available online. It’s pretty similar to normal screen printing, allowing you can create a detailed design by layering up the colours.

I took my 300th strip as the basis of the design, creating 2 screens, one for the background colour and another for the line detail. Using a mask I printed several of the background colours separately.

1st Gocco print

First print: (blue) waves and (green) land

2nd Gocco print

Second print: (yellow) sky

3rd Gocco print

Third print: (grey) sword

4th Gocco print

Fouth print: (brown) sword handle

5th Gocco print

Fifth print: (black) line detail and (red) Japanese kanji (bottom right hand corner)

A limited number of these are available for sale.

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    So cool! I just ordered one of these for our bunny shrine. 🙂

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    jovino bunny

    Ours is now framed and proudly displayed in our sewing studio — home of bunnywarez and our original Ninja Bunny fleece hat!

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    That rocks! Who needs Hokusai?

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