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A Horrifying Vision Of The Future To Come | Ninja Bunny
A Horrifying Vision Of The Future To Come

A Horrifying Vision Of The Future To Come

February 6th, 2009

Ninja bunny’s latest and last vision, but this time of the future…

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    Goan Bunny (Kavita)

    Does this mean that this is the last installment of the glorious and wonderful Ninja Bunny? I hope not; I have watched his exploits with such admiration and desire to hug him! Will you keep the page up so that I can continue to recommend it to my friends and enjoy the panels myself? I hope so. Ninja Bunny totally rocks. I have 5 bunnies myself, and I work in bunny rescue. Ninja Bunny is my inspiration and hope that, one day, an army of Ninja Bunnies will take over the world! He’s amazing!

    Thank you,
    the bunny-hugger from Goa,

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    Not quite, there’s still lots of story to come before we ever get to this stage..and even then, who knows, ninja bunny might win 😉 Glad you love the comic, keep reading!

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