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Radio interview on Resonance FM | Ninja Bunny

Radio interview on Resonance FM


Just thought I’d let you know that Alex Fitch interviewed me today for Panel Borders, talking about mini-comics and in general about Ninja Bunny and how it came to be. It will be airing on Thurs 26th Feb (tomorrow) at 5pm on Resonance 104.4FM, for those of you not in the UK, or if you have a general dislike to the radio you’ll be able to listen to it online or download the podcast version.

To make the show more interesting why don’t you play this drinking game while listening (assuming you’re old enough kiddies!). For each of the following take a drink/sip/finger/shot etc etc:

  • I say Umm, ahhh or errrr (it happens a lot)
  • I say my artwork is crap (also happens a lot)
  • Japan gets mentioned
  • I mention a fellow small press artist
  • …bonus points for when I refer to one of them as Assparty (though it might be bleeped out)
  • I talk about how I don’t really read comics
  • I lose my train of thought
  • I don’t know what Alex is talking about, but don’t want to say so

It sounds like a fun interview huh?! Don’t forget to tune in!


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    Hahahahah! I like the ‘I don’t know what Alex is talking about’ bit!

    Is the podcast online yet? Can’t find it…

    See you at The Thing!


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    Nope, no podcast just yet, by the end of the week I’ve been promised. I’ll do a new blog post with the link as soon as it’s up.

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