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Happy 4th Birthday to Ninja Bunny…almost | Ninja Bunny

Happy 4th Birthday to Ninja Bunny…almost


Tomorrow is Ninja Bunny’s 4th birthday, exciting stuff. They’ll be parties, cake, the usual. Unfortunatly due to all this merriment they’ll be no Ninja Bunny today. But seeing as the last update was Wednesday, I don’t think it’s all that bad.

Actually it’s really because my computers graphic tablet is playing up and it’s a pretty detailed piece so I wont be able to get it coloured in time.

Instead you can make do with some sketches of Ninja Bunny done by James Turner, and yes, in one of the sketches Ninja Bunny morphs into Steve of Beaver and Steve fame.

Click for Flickr version:

Ninja Bunny by James Turner

Ninja Bunny by James Turner 2

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading since the start (if any of you exist) and to everyone else who’s helped support me or even just liked what I do.

EDIT: Don’t forget to check back tomorrow, I’ve set up an automated post with a ‘golden oldie’ guest strip.

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