T-shirt designs


Last year I was commissioned to do a t-shirt design for Bunny Brawl, a school event in America.
Check out the final design with front/back. Click for a larger image.

Ninja Bunny T-shirt design, front & back.

Here’s 2 more designs I did a while back. Ninja Bunny and Robo-Ninja Bunnies ‘power up’ tee. Like either? Leave a comment as I just might get some limited editions printed.

Ninja Bunny t-shirt designs

Don’t forget, I’m selling a ‘colour me in’ Ninja Bunnies t-shirt over at the store, which comes complete with fabric crayons.

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    I waaaay prefer the robo-ninja-bunnies t-shirt!

    I would so buy one!

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    Both of the are great, I could not decide against one.

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