MCM Expo roundup


A few weeks ago I attended the twice annual MCM Expo. As usual it was a fun event. Even if I was struck down by a cold and was off work for 3 days afterwards.

Here’s a quick look at my table, I also had some re-prints of my A-Z Ninja zoo which went down well.

As with every expo I draw and hand out cosplay bingo cards. Here’s a few I made:

I clearly fail at my own bingo card.

I also came across some great cosplayers.

I met this girl who painted her face, it was only after I discovered she’s decorating herself every day of the year as part of a project.

My favourite being Darlek-dress girl. I didn’t get a picture of her so I drew a picture instead. Alas I’ve no idea who she is, so if you know her, let her know as she can claim the drawing.

Lastly, I’m attending the Leeds Thought Bubble convention this Saturday and will have a brand new, full colour Ninja Bunny comic.

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    Is it bad that I have only just realised that you put my pic up on here? :S heh apparently you met my friend Chloe at the alternative press fair in London? She sent me the link to here and voila I sound like a twit and I’m randomly rambling! So a good comment this is turning into 🙂 Anyway, cheers for the picture – it’s actually better than any of the one’s I’d taken for my blog ^_^;;

    Byes xxxx

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    haha, hope you like the pic, lovely to meet you at the show. Swing by at the next event! xx

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    Oh my goodness— COSPLAY BINGO! What an awesome idea. 😀 Need to do that too…

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