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Ninja Bunny - Part 3
Where Did It Go Now?

Where Did It Go Now?

Monday — September 27th, 2010

I seem to be doing well at keeping the site updated, shame about my lack of events this year, I’ve totally failed at booking for the MCM Expo in Oct. So if anyone has a table they’re willing to share, drop me an email. I’ll repay you in love and cookies, mostly cookies.


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solipsisticpop website launches


A name that’s barely pronounceable is what first springs to mind, but solipsisticpop launches today, lead by Tom Humberstone, he’s put together…read: bribed, begged and press-ganged some of the UK’s top indie-comic talent to produce a biannual anthology, designed to spotlight the best in alternative Comic art from the UK. I’ve somehow also ended up on this list, so will be drawing madly over the next few days/weeks to reach the deadline. Keep checking the site for regular updates and previews of the artwork.

More awesome fan art


fan art by Oliver Lambden

Yet more awesome fan art, this time by the utterly talented Oliver Lambden of Modern Monstrosity fame. He’s doing a week long series of fan art so be sure to check out his website daily. Not only that you’ll be able to see him and his printed comics of goodness at the 176 event on 27th June…next Saturday…cripes…next Saturday, I need to get re-printing all my comics.

no comic this Friday


Just a quick note that there was no comic yesterday 19th June (obviously), but I’ll make sure there’s a comic up on Monday, around afternoon-evening time at the latest.

roll up, roll up, Get your bunnies here!


For all you folks out there that have been eyeing up my hand made plushies, you can now get your hands on them over at the store for just £15+shipping.

Ninja Bunny Plushies

I’m currently doing a 2 week pre-order on these bunnies just so I can make sure I’ve made enough in time to send them all out. Each one is lovingly hand stitched by my very own hands (a handy skill taught to me as a child by my Brownie-leader mum).

Other great plushies by fellow artists you might want to get your hands on:

Amazing Fan Art


Charles Woolbright Jr, genius behind The Off Chance webcomic created this stunning piece of fan art.

Ninja Bunny fan art by Charles Woolbright Jr

A month of Expo’s


It’s been a long comic month, with the Zine Symposium, Bristol small press expo and the MCM expo so I think it deserves a nice long blog post.

Last week was the MCM Expo, it was simply massive, HUGE infact and jam packed full of cosplayers.

MCM Expo

It’s the first year they’ve had a dedicated small press section and it seemed to go down a storm, a big thanks to Emma and co for sorting it all out. I managed to sell out of a few things and my new Ninja Bunny plushies went really well, I even had to make more on Saturday night to cope with demand.

MCM Expo
My fellow small press lovelies, Marc Ellerby and Adam Cadwell.

MCM Expo
Oliver Lambden and Jake Harold (selling his new and rather fantastic Justine Tyme).

MCM Expo
Howard Hardiman working on his Cute but sad baby-badger with Robin.

MCM Expo
Kieron Gillen reading his own Phonogram comic (maybe he forgot what he wrote)

I also got to hang out with Gary Northfield, Sarah McIntyre, John Allison and James Turner.

To while the time away for us stall holders I created some Cosplay Bingo cards, an idea Howard get’s all credit for.
cosplay bingo
cosplay bingo

MCM Expo
Sims cosplayers

MCM Expo
Catwoman and miscellaneous

MCM Expo
Mario cosplayers

MCM Expo
Grim Fandango (by far the best cosplay outfit)

Me, as sketched by Marc Ellerby in his Love the way you love

I also bought Marc Ellerby’s Love the way you Love:side A and he sketched me inside, totally jealous that he did this on the fly without even sketching it out. One day I’ll steal his talent..and maybe his friends. 😉 It’s a great read and I suggest you all go out and buy a copy.

Justine Tyme/Ninja Bunny
Also Jake drew me this Justine Tyme/Ninja Bunny hybrid in the back of his comic.

There’s not much I can say about the Bristol Small Press Expo, it was..very quiet. But on the plus side Howard created Cosplay Bingo to keep us occupied and my lovely girlfriend (mmm…biscuits) was selling her spanking new plushies.

plushies by mmm...biscuits

plushies by mmm...biscuits

We also discovered Skull Crisp.

Skull Crisp

The Zine Symposium right at the start of the month went well. Mostly selling my new Reasons Why I’m Scared to Love You, which thanks to the MCM Expo is now totally sold out, I need to get making some more. I shared a stall with Lizz Lunney.

My stall -Lizz Lunney

My stall

The man behind People I Know gave me a free Tomato Selleck. I love him so!

Tomato Selleck

Pheeew, that’s a long blog, sorry about that. You get a gold star if you read to the end.

Last chance to vote


Today’s the last chance to vote in the Eagle Awards.

Please vote ‘Ninja Bunny’ in both the Favourite British Black and White Comicbook and Favourite Web-Based Comic categories.


MCM Expo this weekend


Just a quick reminder that I’ll be attending the MCM Expo this weekend. You’ll be able to find me in the comics village area along with other fine people such as Warren Ellis, Marc Ellerby, John Scrivens and many more.

You’ll also be the first to get your hands on some hand-sewn (yes, really be me) Ninja Bunny plushies that I’ve been making this week.

Ninja Bunny Plushies

For you folks on facebook there’s an event page with all the info you need.

Vote Ninja!


There’s only a few days left in the Eagle Awards. I’d really appreciate it you could vote ‘Ninja Bunny’ in both the Favourite British Black and White Comicbook and Favourite Web-Based Comic categories.

Please pass this on to all your friends, and make sure you vote before the end of Friday. Thanks.

new in shop+sale


I’ve reduced the prices of most of the shop items for all you cash strapped people in this time of recession, so bring some joy to you life with comics or even a Ninja Bunny t-shirt which has been reduced from £20 to £15.

I’ve two fantastic new items in the shop, they’re probably the nicest things I’ve done to date.

Reasons Why I’m Scared to Love you

Reasons Why I'm Scared to Love you

Reasons Why I’m Scared to Love You is an autobiographical love letter/mini-comic. While not following on from Fools Errand it is another look into my love life and the fear of commitment. Each page is made from different paper, drawn in a variety of styles from comic strip to annotated pages taken from my sketch book and hand-stitched together.

My first printing of this comic has already been snapped up at The Webcomix Thing and the Zine Symposium. Here’s some lovely words from Anna Petterson (of Ellerbisms fame) who picked up the last copy.

“I’m glad I snatched that last one! It is one of the best minis I’ve ever read, I love the composition and the variation of style and paper. Very pretty! (but not in a Sally-Anne glittery type way… pretty in a MAN way!) And of course the purpose. Well done man!”

Don’t worry though, a new batch will be hot off the press this week.

Pack of 6 digital prints

pack of 6 ninja bunny prints

I’ve also a pack of 6 digital mini-prints for sale. Taken from from the of latest webcomic strips and printed on Bristol Board card each print measures approximately 13x13cm.

For bigger pictures take a look at Flickr.